The rise of Loyal To Few

‘’ Fashion, just like friendship, is an everlasting phenomenon.
With a bond stronger than blood, we agreed to be loyal to not just anybody.
Style exclusively for like-minded individuals.’

Loyal To Few is an Amsterdam based clothing brand originated by passion for design and a close friendship. Triggered by the urban culture, which stands for togetherness and loyalty, Loyal To Few became a fashion brand with all kinds of clothing with cool artworks, for everybody!

The Loyal To Few logo always pops up in every artwork and represents the story of the brand. Two hands intertwined in a shape of a gun. You and your friends against the world, a world tough but beautiful.

Loyal To Few is owned and operated by two ambitious girls. In their mid twenties, they decided to take the plunge and started Loyal To Few in april 2018. Besides their regular nine to five jobs as fashion designers, they work their butts off untill midnight to persue their dream.

So.. reasons enough to stay tuned and follow Loyal To Few on social media. Support your girls!




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